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How is a child’s age determined for soccer placement?
Age groupings are based on calendar birth year.

How are children grouped by age?
Children are grouped by single year from 4U through 8U. Then we have 2-year groupings for 9U/10U and a 4-year grouping for 11U/12U/13U/14U. These groupings allow for all children to play in town and not have to travel to other towns to play.

Who coaches the children?
Trumbull AYSO has volunteer parent coaches for each team except in the 4U division, which is an academy style program run by professional coaches with parent helpers. Professional coaches from the Tri-Town Soccer Academy also provides professional coaching services in support of the volunteer coaches for both practices, and games for 5U through 8U.

When will I find out which team and coach my child will be on, and what time the games are on Saturday?
Parents will be notified 1-2 weeks before the start of the season. Game schedules will be posted on our website prior to the start of the season.

What are the team sizes and how many kids play on a field during games?
Children in 4U are placed in groups of approximately 8 to each trainer for professional level academy style play. The 5U and up groupings are as follows.

  • 5U and 6U = up to 6 players per team, and 3 v 3 play in games
  • 7U = up to 8 players per team, and 4 v 4 play
  • 8U = up to 10 players per team, and 5 v 5 play
  • 9U/10U = up to 14 players per team, and 7 v 7 play (incl. goal keepers)
  • 11U/12U/13U/14U = up to 22 players/team, and 11 v 11 play (incl. goal keepers)

Is the new soccer Player Development Initiative incorporated into the games?
Yes. Games at U5, U6, U7, U8, and U9/U10 ages incorporate the PDI’s rolled out in 2017.

Can I request that my child be placed on a certain team?
No. One of the core values of AYSO is "Balanced Teams" and we use annual player ratings by coaches to place kids on teams, and assure that all teams are as fairly balanced as possible. We do place the children of a head coaches and one assistant coach on that coach’s team. In addition, siblings may play on the same team if age appropriate to do so.

Can siblings play on the same team?
Yes. As long as the children are in the same age division, parents can request that they be placed on the same team.

Can my child “play up” on an older team if his/her ability appears to be appropriate for that?
Yes, but approval from both Division Managers is required. The Division Managers discuss the child’s skills and maturity with his/her coach and then determine if the child is ready to be moved to an older division. The Regional Commissioner then needs to provide final approval the change. A change needs to be requested each year by the parent(s) of the child, and has to follow this process.

Can my child “play down” on a younger team?
No. AYSO follows US Soccer rules, where calendar year is used to determine the age group.
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